Package net.sourceforge.worldsaver.rp

Interface Summary
Saveable This interface defines some methods that are required for classes that want to be saved.

Class Summary
Action This is the abstract superclass of all actions.
ActionParticle The ActionTree needed by Action classes consists of several of these ActionParticles.
Adventure This class implements an adventure.
Area The abstract base class for all areas.
Armor This class represents a piece of cloth...
Building This class represents a building.
Campaign This class represents a campaign, normally a sorted list (more or less) of adventures.
City This class represents a City.
Civilist Yes, this class represents a normal stupid civilist.
Hero Represents a Hero.
Land Represents a Land.
Loader This class is designed to load a world and all objects around it from a reader and to do all the connecting world.
Merchant Represents a merchant.
Person The abstract superclass of all persons.
RandomEncounter A Random Encounter can be understood as a table of things that can happen during the night/on the street or whatever.
RpBase Almost everything in this package extends this superclass.
Saver This class provides some useful methods to save a whole world into a file/a stream.
Stuff Represents all items which have no own class.
Weapon This class represents a weapon.
World Represents - believe it or not - a saveable world.