Sunday, February 10th '02

Version 1.0.4 of the Namer has a workaround regarding some problems with starting the Namer via Java Webstart. To start the Namer on the fly make sure you have installed a JRE 1.4 or Java Webstart (both can be found at Sun's Java pages). Then click here.

Wednesday, May 30th '01

As you can see, the web pages come now in a new design. Further, web pages are now part of the cvstree (although this might be not of any interest for most of you).

Monday, May 21th '01

Well, has been quite a long time... I learned much interesting things since the Namer 1 release. Interesting things like XML. Forget everything I wrote about API, Saving and such stuff. You'd better have a look on my new XML-Pages (which are the new Concept and Tasks pages). Everything's gonna change since I have been stupid.

Sunday, February 11th

I just released the Namer V1.0.0. There are probably some bugs left, but we'll see (I didn't find any since 0.9.3). Also, the work on the ws is growing; the fileformat should now really stay as it is, and loading is already implemented (for the few specs that are ready). The Loader class is not really ready though, it lacks error reporting/recognising, but I'm working on it.

Friday, December 22th

I just tried to release 0.9.3, but sourceforge has some problems again... Therefore, it can be found on my own server. I'll try to release it before Christmas, but we'll see.

Monday, December 18th

Okay, after some problems with sourceforge (they've upgraded their system) I've been able to release the next Namer version. I've also put the latest Namer files on my own FTP-server (see under misc).

Wednesday, December 13th

I've just finished the documentation of the *.names and the *.util packages. It's a great thing, that javadoc utility... It could be that there is something badly formatted, so feel free to mail me in any such case. There will be a new Namer/s release in the short future, so stay tooned...

Tuesday, November 14th

A few days ago, the Namer V0.9.0 has been released! We are quite a little step ago from releasing the first real stable package, so check it out and mail me the bugs (uh, better the description via email). Damn, has been a long time...

Friday, June 16th

Today I begun with specifying the file format for saving a world. I won't complete this today, but the thing will grow with the project itself.

Tuesday, June 13th

Now there's a new Subtree `Item' in the API (follow the API-Link for details).

The new 0.3.2 version of the Namer is now available on FTP/sourceforge. Since the Namer is quite usable right now, I would appreciate some feedback, if anyone is using it/looked onto the source. I just began learning this language, and since this is my first bigger project at all, I know I'm just not perfect (though I assume I'll never be :)). Thanks in advance!

Sunday, June 11th

Okay. The latest news are the following: Made better web pages, released Namer 0.3.0 and finally started with the ws-library design. You can follow the links in the navigation frame to get more information.

Andreas Schmitz
Last changed on 30.05.01